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At Rose Advisory Group, we’ve learned something truly amazing over the years.

Most people DO NOT LIKE paying income taxes. (I know crazy, right)

Oh sure, you know we need things like roads and schools, and you want to do your part, but you don’t want to pay one dollar extra, just to have the government throw it in the toilet.

So, how do you pay less income tax?

WHY IS THE 4% RULE still a thing?

It would be useful to know exactly how much you can spend each year in retirement without running out of money. Right?


This way you wouldn’t overspend and go broke, nor would you underspend and do without the fun things many people enjoy in retirement.

Would this information be useful? (We think it would!)


So how do you determine this number.

Are you risk distancing?

We all understand social distancing, but what about risk  distancing - where you get far away from the risks that could ruin your retirement plans.


So, how do you do this? Many of you do research, but the Internet can be an overwhelming which causes confusion and inaction because you don’t have the confidence to reduce risk, even when you know that doing something is in your best interest.


We hate this and feel there ought to be a better way