The race to retirement is the race of your life and there are wonderful rewards for a race well run!

Predictability and security. Comfort and the permission to enjoy retirement.

The best part is once you have it, you can’t lose it! 

In a SECURiMENT review the following topics are analyzed!

Your market risk and risk profile (Learn more)

Your written retirement income plan (Learn more)

Your retirement income sustainability (Learn more)

Your income tax efficiency (Learn more)


Your plan for handing a long-term care event (Learn more)

Your investment fees and other cash-flow items (Learn more)

Your legacy, estate and beneficiaries (Learn more)

Your market risk and risk profile

  • How are you invested relative to your age and proximity to retirement?
  • If the market drops 40% how much will you lose?
  • What amount of loss can you afford before it affects how long your money will last?
  • Do you have any principal guarantees or a Stop Loss in place?
  • Are you taking enough risk?
  • Determine what kind of investor you really are: Ultra Conservative, Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive, Speculative, and determine if your current asset allocation matches your personal tolerance for risk?
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Your written retirement income plan (Do you have one?)

  • Do you have a retirement income projection showing the total amount of income you can expect to receive every year throughout your entire retirement, broken down into each individual income source? Does your retirement income analysis show when each income source starts, stops, increases, or decreases?
  • Do you have an income tax analysis showing how much income tax you will pay as you take income from your assets?
  • Do you know how much money you can reasonably expect to leave to your beneficiaries after you have used your assets for income for your entire life?
  • Do you have a written summary of your entire plan that includes a status of your current financial position, what you are trying to achieve, and the step-by-step process of your plan that is required for success? 
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Your retirement income sustainability

  • How much income you can safely take out of your accounts?
  • How long will your income last?
  • Can you take more income out in the future?
  • Is any part of your income guaranteed to be paid to you for as long as you (or both of you) live, and if not, what are your options to do so?
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Your income tax efficiency

  • How much income tax do you currently pay and what is your actual true tax rate?
  • Are there ways to reduce income taxes now or in the future?
  • Can you increase your income while effectively managing your income taxes?
  • What amount of income taxes will your beneficiaries pay?
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Your plan for handing a long-term care event

  • What a long-term care event might cost if even for a few years?
  • How long-term care benefits might be taxed?
  • What medicare covers and does not cover?
  • How a long-term care event might affect your beneficiaries?
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Your investment fees and other cash-flow items

  • How much are you paying in direct “visible” fees?
  • How much are you also paying in indirect “hidden” fees?
  • How will fees affect your asset values in the future?
  • How you can maximize your social security benefit?
  • How inflation may affect your cash flow in retirement?
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Your legacy, estate and beneficiaries

  • How do your plans for retirement income blend in with your plans for your beneficiaries?    
  • Are the correct beneficiaries named on your assets?
  • How much income tax will your beneficiaries pay on your assets?
  • Are you planning to pass taxable assets or income tax-free assets to your beneficiaries?
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Having a plan is the first and most important step,
but having it all in writing is even better!
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