What is a ROTH conversion and should I do one?

Are you the gambling sort? Do you think taxes will be higher in the future, especially during your retirement? Then a Roth conversion strategy might allow you to operate from a position of strength when it comes to your retirement planning. if only it were that easy! There are pros and cons. Before you consider this potentially tax-saving strategy, you have must know the ins and outs!

Are Roth Conversions and Roth Contributions the Same? (NO!)

The words Roth contribution and conversion are so similar. Sometimes, it's difficult to know the difference. When you can do one, what the limitations are and if this might be a strategy for you!

How Income Taxes are Calculated - With and Without a Roth Conversion

In this short video, Darryl Rosen, creator of the SECURiMENT retirement planning method reveals how your taxes are calculated and then adds on the complexity of a Roth Conversion. SECURiMENT requires that you always operate from a position of strength with your planning and Roth Conversions are an excellent way to pay less tax in the future. But you must understand the pros and cons!

Understanding the Roth (5 Year) Rule

Roth contributions are ALWAYS a good idea if you are eligible to make them. One commonly misunderstood aspect of contributions is - are you eligible to remove money from a Roth and when. In this short video, (3 min) I explain how the Roth 5 year works and why it's really not a big deal! Part of operating from a position of strength is making Roth contributions, so do them!

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