Contemplating retirement?

It may be time to

take the blindfold off...

If you are like most people, no matter how much money you have saved, you really don’t know what to do RIGHT NOW to feel secure at RETIREMENT.
Every one of our clients started out contemplating retirement just like you are right now.  They first discovered the path to feeling secure at retirement starts with the SECURiMENT™ process.

What is SECURiMENT™?

  • SECURiMENT is Safety! 

  • SECURiEMNT is Simplicity!


It’s actually very simple, SECURiMENT will help you... 

  • De-accumulate assets efficiently so your savings last longer

  • Convert your assets to income so you have the confidence to spend and live your life

  • Decrease portfolio volatility (while still generating reasonable returns) 

  • Crash-proof your savings to NEVER experience 2007, etc. ever again) 

  • Reduce the drag of future taxation through (tax-reducing) strategies 

  • Understand your LTC options before it’s too late to get decent protection 

There are only two bad strategies you need to avoid: 

  • Ostrich Approach – sticking you head in the sand and hoping things somehow work out, or

  • The Look Away – doing nothing and ignoring that each day you are getting closer to your retirement.


(That’s not a strategy, and it certainly is not a good bet.)

By the way, you're not the only one feeling this way. Planning for retirement can be challenging, intimidating, and very hard to admit that you are a bit scared. They should teach this stuff in school!
SECURiMENT™ is a method that starts from our very first conversation where you will find our approach to be welcoming. 
People tell me all the time that they felt stupid asking questions to their prior advisor because they were made to feel dumb or like they should have known the answers.  It should be the  opposite. You should have your questions answered with patience and treated with respect. 

During your Complimentary SECURiMENT™ Review, you will also see the comprehensive retirement planning framework that helps you make informed and effective financial decisions and eliminates worry so you can feel good about your future! 
This approach creates a simple path forward that encompasses safety, creates simplicity and, most of all, helps you operate from a position of STRENGTH with regards to your financial future.

Why is it so important to start now?  Because without a SECURiMENT™ review, it's like you're wearing a blindfold. 


Safety always starts with the ability to see clearly.  You need to know what’s in front of you and spot obstacles in your way. A SECURiMENT™ review will pull the blindfold off and position you to see your financial future clearly.

The review is also delivered according to the fiduciary standard.



This means as an Investment Advisor Representative, we are obligated, we are required, to provide you guidance, education, and recommendations that are in your best interests. If we do not look after your best interests first and foremost, we are in violation of our duties, and as importantly, we are in violation of the law.

​The SECURiMENT™ review goes one step further than an centers on “providing guidance in your best interest.”  That’s a commitment we make to you!

Our commitment is to provide you clarity.  We serve in your interest to eliminate the mistakes so many people make when it comes to knowledge about money, “They only know what they’ve been told.”

This simply means your knowledge about money, and your current financial situation, is based on what someone has told you, such as an advisor, the internet, the radio, or friends and family.

We all know when people give advice their heart is in the right place.  But when it comes to a financial future it should start with the brain and the eyes, not the heart. 


No matter whom they are “being told” by, it’s almost guaranteed they’ve not started with a comprehensive look-back review, and they fall into the trap of believing the blindfold is off.


But think about it, how can you safely follow a path forward without knowing where you’ve been and align it to the vision for the future?

The problem with opinions:  Opinions are a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. We’ve all heard the saying about everyone has an opinion.  At Retirement Info Chicago the approach is based on logic, data, and clarity of vision.

Wherever you are at is where we start:  What that means is that during your complimentary SECURiMENT™ review you will get one of two outcomes:

A. We will validate your current plan and show you that you are “on track” and your plan is sound. -OR-


​B. We will find areas in your finances that need to be addressed to maximize your chances of attaining a financially safe, simple and strong retirement.

Whatever the case, our hope is that after learning about The SECURiMENT™ Method - you'll

  • Stop worrying about losing money. 

  • Protect your assets from principal loss.

  • Know how much money you can safely spend.

  • Grow your assets without taking too much risk.

  • Create a written retirement income plan.

  • Decrease the total fees you are paying. 

  • Understand what you are doing with your money.

  • Ensure that your money will last your entire lifetime.

You worked hard and you deserve a clear future.  That begins by pulling the blindfold off.  Your review is hassle-free and cost-free! Simply click below to get started.

See you financial future with 20/20 vision by scheduling a SECURiMENT™ review today

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