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Income planning

Tax reducing strategies

Social Security Maximization

Investment asset management

Life and long term planning

Legacy planning

Financial Independence Group has serviced the independent financial professional space for over 40 years with solutions that retirees sleep at night.

Income creation

Safe accumulation

Long-term care

Tax-free growth

Brookstone Capital Management supports independent advisors and has $2.9 Billion under management as of December 30, 2019

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Thematic investing Structured Notes

The insurance and financial management firms Retirement Info Chicago partners with serves as the backbone to your SECURiMENT™ protection. As your personal investment advisory representative, Retirement Info Chicago is hyper-vigilant about protecting AND growing your money productively. As Investment Advisor Representatives, we are obligated under law to operate in your best interest. Everything we do centers around the selection of the strongest resources to help you make informed decisions with one goal in mind. So you feel good about your financial future!


The SECURiMENT™ Method

The SECURiMENT™ Retirement Success Method is a comprehensive retirement planning framework that helps you make informed and effective financial decisions so you can feel good about your future!   This proprietary approach creates a simple path forward that encompasses safety, creates simplicity and, most of all, helps you operate from a position of STRENGTH with regards to your financial future.


Discuss current life situation, values, dreams, clarify goals

Identify strengths, opportunities and a SECURiMENT gap if there is one

Clarify WHO we are, WHAT we do, HOW we are paid


Provide diligent review of current financial resources

Deliver tangible steps forward with a comprehensive action plan

Observe FIDUCIARY standard at all times


Create comfortable environment for taking action

Communicate clearly during implementation process

Identify additional professionals needed for advanced planning


Consistent monitoring of plan and life changes

Quarterly reviews of investment strategies

Consider yearly opportunities to reduce taxes 


Having a STRONG financial plan is for the bad times. When disaster strikes, when stock markets crash and when fear rules the day. The preparations made in good times will help you weather the storm when times aren’t so pleasant! This is corny but you don’t have to bulk up to have STRENGTH in retirement.

SECURiMENT™ will do the heavy lifting for you!

Told you it was corny!


The SECURiMENT™ Pledge
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