• Darryl Rosen

Are You Running in Circles?

I love this quote from T. Harv Eker’s.

He’s the New York Times bestselling author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Though his book is about financial wealth, I interpret his quote as having nothing to do with being a millionaire - or monetary goals at all.

I find this quote impactful because it brings forth a more sensible way to plan for retirement.

Here’s the quote:

Clarity is critical to success. Clarity leads to power – the power to act – which is the basis of achievement, fulfillment, and happiness in life. Without a clear direction you are either paralyzed or running around in circles. Worse, you can never reach your full potential because you dare not to fully commit.”

Let’s me add some perspective while being a bit provocative.

I believe the Internet is full of garbage. (Yes, I realize I'm posting this on the Internet…)

Truly, the amount of financial advice available through the Internet is overwhelming and contradictory at best. Misleading and confusing at worst. In many ways, this overabundance of information makes it harder to act on your financial plan, not easier.

Most Americans today have no idea what steps to take that will lead them to the retirement of their dreams. Usually they throw their hands up (in the air, like they just don't care...) or run in circles.

But why?

Why, when there is so much available guidance, do so many choose not to act; especially when it is in their best interest to do something?

It's because they lack the motivation.

Let’s be real for a second: There’s nothing exciting about profiling your risk tolerance, gathering tax documents and looking up your social security benefit. Sure, these are vital steps towards a secure retirement, but there’s nothing inspiring about building a spreadsheet.

So, what happens? People stay the same or go for a run, but they end up in the same place. All the while they’re worried that their lack of action, NOW, will haunt them down the road.

And they have this doozy of a thought.

Will they have regrets?

Enter the SECURiMENT retirement planning method:

  • The reason I start with your ideal (dream) retirement is because it gets the juices flowing.

  • The reason I ask about your purpose in life is because it gets your mind working.

  • The reason I ask about your passions is because – without passion, what do we really have?

The reason I force clarity is that clarity leads to power – and the power to act.

Once the vision is clear, NOW, there is something to strive for.

So, this “inner work” comes first because, to use the author’s words above, without it we end up “paralyzed or running around in circles…”

Take it from a former marathon runner who now grows tired running to the end of the driveway. Running in circles is NOT the way to go!

That’s just the way it works!

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