True SECURiMENT ‘equity’ comes ONLY when you break 

the worries that prevent you from enjoying your assets!

Any steps you take to reduce risk, and by extension, stress and

worry will increase your “happiness equity” in retirement!

Gee, SECURiMENT sounds AWESOME! How do I achieve it?

By taking action with the following 7 steps!

One day you'll get tired of working, but your bills won't get tired of being paid!

You should have multiple sources of guaranteed income to cover your living expenses

and if you don’t have a pension plan, you should buy one. See short video here         

# 5 - Reduce future taxation

# 6 - Maximize Social Security

# 7 - Consider long-term health

Tax rates are currently at all time lows so converting tax-deferred assets and re-positioning to tax-free investments may be prudent. Having a plan for maximizing, rather than reducing, your social security benefits is a must. And, although it is not always possible, taking action to determine how you will be cared for (later in life) and how that care will be paid for, will insure your happiness both now, and later in life! See short video here

# 2 - Reduce investment volatility

# 3 - Eliminate losses

# 4 - Create floor / build foundation

There comes a point of time when losing money is no longer an option. For true SECURiMENT, you must set a floor under some of your assets to protect what you have worked your whole life for. A floor is achieved by shifting assets to a financial vehicle that guarantees the value will never go lower. Period. End of sentence. You must always operate with strength when it comes to your investments!




Let's use the marathon as an example. For there to be success on marathon day, everything has to go right. Sufficient rest, ample nutrition, the right pace. Proper hydration is vital as is having friends and family along the route. Don't forget proper footwear. You can't pick and chose among these variables as it doesn't work that way.

Months of rigorous training, but forgetting to eat during the race will sap your energy long before the finish line.  Having enough rest, but wearing a brand-spanking new pair of running shoes will make excruciating blisters the day's lasting memory!


The race to SECURiMENT is no different. Each of the following areas must be addressed!


Operating from a position of


with your financial future requires that

you consider all risks that might derail

your retirement plans. 

Ignoring multiple variables, in lieu of

just one area…will greatly reduce your chances for SECURiMENT!

Only one more thought, because we're running out of space 

You get to choose!

You get to choose how you reach the line that separates your work career from your second career - retirement. You can cross that line with a smile on your face and some pep in your step or you can stumble across in a whole world of discomfort!

Is it ever going to be an ideal time to take action?

Uh, probably not!

Your kids may need help, or work is busy, or you need to see the accountant, or you don’t have time to pull your financial materials together or someone isn’t feeling well or there is a restructuring at work or it's too complicated or you’re going out of town or the grandkids are around.

Yes, life is hectic and there’s never going to be an ideal time to take action and the status quo, or staying the way you are, is so incredibly warm and comfortable.   


Staying the way you are is not how you get SECURiMENT. You get SECURiMENT by taking action. By starting the race and as I always say, there are many ways to run into a secure and comfortable retirement, but doing nothing is not one of them.

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