it's possible to sleep like this! 

Imagine how your life will change

when you sleep soundly night after night

It's possible with the SECURiment™ retirement success method

Are you losing sleep due to...


Volatile financial markets


Overwhelming (and hard to understand) investment choices


Advisers who lack availability and expertise and exist solely to take advantage of you


Conflicting and biased financial information that makes it difficult to make decisions


The likelihood that higher taxes in the future will eat away at your nest egg


The realization that there will be no paycheck in retirement


The fear lack of action now will haunt you down the road and fill you with regrets

Our proprietary SECURiMENT™ Retirement

Success Method can help put those thoughts to rest

Our comprehensive approach will give you the confidence
to take control over your financial future. You will experience...


noun_money safety_3040171.png

You'll sleep soundly knowing some of your money is protected and your risk is being managed to avoid large losses



You'll find our approach makes it easy for you to confidentially choose a simple path forward



You'll feel a surge of

pride, restfulness & strength as you begin to take

control over your 

financial future 

We understand your struggle...

We understand your struggle because we want the same safety, simplicity and strength in our lives. We have sleepless nights just like you do. We work hard for our money just like you do.


Rarely do we meet people with diamond-encrusted, silver spoons dangling from their mouth. Most have come from work that very day and they're tired. We see the fatigue, the worry, the stress. We see it in their eyes and it kills us to see the emotional suffering of people who have worked hard and played by the rules, but because of the complexity of retirement planning - don't know what to do.

All we can do is teach the same skills we've used to help so many hard-working Chicagoans gain the confidence to take action by helping them...

Manage risk to

help limit large losses



all their options



tax-saving strategies


Create multiple streams of income


Feel confident they won't run out of money


Create a simple

path forward


The SECURiMENT™ process is as easy as 1,2,3



We first seek to determine if your current plan will lead to a comfortable retirement. We believe Change for change sake is a terrible strategy. If there are gaps, we help you facilitate a stronger retirement approach. 



Then we create a comprehensive retirement plan with the goal of  maximizing income, protecting & growing assets (while limiting large losses) and reducing the devastating drag of future taxation



Finally, we give you the confidence to take action by creating a transparent, comfortable environment so that you can experience

safety, simplicity and strength

It shouldn't be this difficult

At Rose Advisory Group, we've helped many hard working Chicagoans. We've learned that most of you have similar financial goals.

  • You want to feel like you have a strategy for turning your savings - from a lifetime of work - into a straightforward retirement strategy. 

  • You want to feel like you're growing your assets, but also protecting your retirement nest egg from large losses

  • You want to feel like you're doing everything you can to pay less income tax in the future 

At the deepest level, you want to view yourself as "financially savvy" and feel you have some control over your future.

So, how do you gain confidence? 


Well, you need knowledge. You need transparency. You need easy-to understand guidance. You need professionals and sources of information that are competent, trustworthy and well-intentioned.


Unfortunately, most readily available financial advice is overwhelming and contradictory at best. Misleading and confusing at worst. Candidly, most of what you find on the Internet is garbage.

And the result?

You lose confidence in your ability to make smart, sensible financial decisions. You throw your arms up in the air and do nothing, even when you know that taking action is in your best interest.

We think this is terrible and you SHOULD NOT have to live this way. 


We understand the struggle because we face the same challenges. Like you, we're frustrated that financial information can be overwhelming and lack transparency. Like you, we want things explained more clearly. Like you, we feel there ought to be a better way!


The better way is the The SECURiMENT™ Retirement Success Method.


Here’s how our simple process works. First, we talk about the future and paint a vibrant picture of your dream retirement. Next, we produce a written plan that considers all variables, but focuses on 3 primary goals.  1) Creating retirement income, 2) Protecting and growing your assets (with strategies designed to limit large losses), and 3) Reducing the potential that higher taxes could destroy your nest egg. Because this stuff is complicated and should be taught in school but isn't, we take the time to educate you so that you understand all your options. Finally, we create a transparent, comfortable environment so that you have the confidence to act and begin creating (and anticipating) your ideal retirement.  

Our goals are straightforward: For you to experience safety, simplicity and strength in your financial future.

So, schedule a complimentary conversation today. (You're not getting any younger!)


Stop living with market uncertainty and the fear of outliving your nest egg. Stop counting sheep all night trying to figure out what you'll do in retirement when the paychecks stop - but the bills keep coming! Stop worrying about the future. 

The first step is creating a strategy for your finances that helps you survive and even thrive during these uncertain times. With a sound retirement plan and more confidence  you'll sleep much better at night!


You can sleep like this at night!

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