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Middle-Income people in their 50’s and 60’s who plan to retire within the next 10 – 15 years have been underserved by the financial community. You’ve been diligent and worked hard to accumulate savings, but you’ve been left largely on your own to create a workable retirement strategy. 


And now that it’s coming up; you realize the game is changing. The stakes (enjoying retirement) are enormous. So, you’re seeking guidance targeted to your specific needs to answer arguably the most important question.   


“How do I protect my nest egg?”


Research is helpful but financial strategies are confusing and tax laws are a tangled web. Also, the Internet can be a cesspool of overwhelming, often contradictory information.


Your biggest fear (and, rightly so) is getting taken advantage of, or getting complicated advice from a generalist-advisor who may NOT be the best choice for this time in your life.


A generalist advisor talks about the stock market, returns, and diversification strategies. Important concepts to grow your nest egg for sure; however, that advisor likely won't focus on social security or income strategies or how taxes can devour your savings if not managed. These are topics that the generalist advisor hasn’t been specifically trained in.


Creating safety, simplicity and strength in retirement requires a different set of skills than what you did to accumulate your savings. 


That’s why at Rose Advisory Group, we created the SECURiMENT™ Retirement Success Method. 


SECURiMENT™ is a process specifically designed for someone like you who seeks a comprehensive retirement strategy, so your next chapter is free of regrets.


With SECURiMENT™ - the guidance will always be easy-to understand, the strategies will always be proven, and we’ll always protect your assets.


At this stage in your life, you probably have what you need and hopefully – much of what you want. With SECURiMENT™ - we’re going to keep it that way!


Darryl Rosen MBA, RICP

Founder, Chief Retirement Strategist

Rose Advisory Group

CELL: (312) 617-8936

P.S. You can learn more about SECURiMENT™ by watching the video below. (1:11)

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